Determination of The Effects of Sage and Balm Extracts on Vase Life in Gerbera cv. Rosalin

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  • Tugba KILIC
  • Emine Sema CETIN


Gerbera, sage, balm, vase life, phenolic compound


Gerbera (Gerbera jamesonii) is a perennial Mediterranean plant which belongs to the Asteraceae family. This flower with increasing commercial significance in the world and in considerable demand in both domestic and export markets. The blooms are attractive, suitable for any type of floral arrangements and are available in different colors and hues. Besides floral arrangements, gerbera is widely used in bouquets. But the most important problems of gerbera is bent neck and short vase life. The major reason for the short vase life is low water uptake due to bacterial and fungal contaminations. The use of preservative solutions are recommended to extend the vase life. Silver ions are used as an antiseptic compound to inhibit microorganism activities. But taking into consideration the danger of silver for human health and environment, the use of safely materials is necessary. The aim of this study was to determine the effectiveness of sage (Salvia officinalis) and
balm (Melissa officinalis) extracts on vase life of gerbera cv. Rosalin. In study, sage and balm extracts were applied to vase solution on different concentrations (50 and 100 µL/100 mL). Vase life (day), relative fresh weight (%) and water uptake (mL/dayg) were evaluation. Also total phenolic compound contents which are known to possess antimicrobial activity of extracts were determined as spectrophotometrically. In this research, results showed that treatments effected the vase life depending on plant extracts and its different concentrations. The longest vase life were obtained on sage (50 µL/100 mL and 100 µL/100 mL) and balm extract (50 µL/100 mL). The total
phenolic compound contents of sage extract were higher than balm extract. Water uptake and RFW values did not result any statistically significant difference in applications. As a result of this study, plant extracts were positively effect on vase life in gerbera cv. Rosalin.




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