Karyotype Analysis Of Fennel From Ankara Province

  • Ugur OZKAN
  • Yasin OZGEN
Keywords: Medicinal plant, plant cytogenetic, caryological characterization, chromosome


Fennel belongs to Apiaceae family is medicinal and aromatic species with economic importance rich essential oils. In this research; we try to obtain cytological parameters on Fennel. Six chromosomal parameters were measured by Micro Measure 3.3 program; i.e., chromosome length (c), relative length (RL), the long arm (L) and short arm (S) lengths, arm ratio (AR: L/S), centromeric index (S/C). Maximum chromosome length was measured 1.71 µm and max arm ratio was determined 2.79 µm. Relative length was ranged between 3.76-5.38%. Maximum centromeric index was measured in1.81 µm. Karyotype formula
were obtained 2n=2x= 8 median + 4 submedian (18 m + 4sm).

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OZKAN, U., BENLIOGLU, B., & OZGEN, Y. (2019). Karyotype Analysis Of Fennel From Ankara Province. International Journal of Agricultural and Natural Sciences, 10(2), 01-03. Retrieved from http://ijans.org/index.php/ijans/article/view/394
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