A Study on Cultivating of Soybean in the Middle Kızılırmak Basin

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  • Ahmet ÖZ
  • Ali ECE
  • Bekir CENGİL


Soybean, yield, yield components, the Middle Kızılırmak Basin


This study was conducted in as known the Middle Kızılırmak Basin, Kızılırmak/Çankırı-Turkey, in 2012 and 2013. Rice plant was cultivated as monoculture system in this area for many years in this area. Aim of the research was determine of cultivating alternative field crops in this area. Ten soybean genotypes were conducted in randomized block design with 3 replicates. Grain yield, plant height and some other agronomic characters were investigated in the study. The differences among the values obtained in all examined characters except grain yield were statistically significant. Flowering time and plant height of genotypes was changed respectively between 71.7-73.0 day and 99-118 cm. Genotypes maturated in average 127 day and grain moisture was changed between 15.0-19.6% in harvest. As the results, soybean cultivating is possible with suitable cultivars in the Middle Kızılırmak Basin




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ÖZ, A., ECE, A., CENGİL, B., & DÜZDEMİR, O. (2019). A Study on Cultivating of Soybean in the Middle Kızılırmak Basin. International Journal of Agricultural and Natural Sciences, 7(2), 16–19. Retrieved from https://ijans.org/index.php/ijans/article/view/306



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