Trabzon Sample to Make Fish Introduction Activities in Turkey

  • Mehmet KOCABAŞ
Keywords: fish introduction, Trabzon, national parks.


Increasing population. technology and industrialization have caused the wrong and disproportionate use of natural water resources. As a
result. small or large HEPP projects to meet energy needs. road construction or development. breeding of streams. culvert studies, changing
of water flow beds in stream beds, landslides and landslides resulting from field-winning activities, new road construction or expansion
activities, ecological change and pollutant load in water resources have increased due to reasons such as random soil or rubble dumps, irrigation
irrigation, active use of pesticides, pasture fertilization and exotic fish production activities. As a result of this, the habitat of the natural fish
has deteriorated. the food has decreased and the reproduction areas have been destroyed and the population has been reduced or ended. This
gap increased the love of introduction Fisheries is a method that has been applied for the last 200 years. Though and theoretically reasonable,
it brings with it many wrongs. The first fisheries activity in our country started with the mosquito fish (Gambusia affinis) was introduced to the
swamps of the Amik Lake by the French for biological control. Today, in addition to many ministries. associations, enterprises, municipalities
and official institutions and individuals continue uncontrollably. This causes serious genetic pollution in our country’s waters and continues to
be. According to 2006 data, over 65 freshwater and marine species fishing programs were used in 27 countries for production and experimental
purposes. The object of present study was to determine the fisheries activities and their effects in Trabzon.

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