Results on Cadmium (Cd) and Nickel (Ni) Concentration in Wild Fish Squalis Cephalus &Barbus Barbus Tissues in Vardar River, North Macedonia

  • Lulzim SHAQIRI
Keywords: heavy metals, cadmium,nickel, fish tissue, Republic of North Macedonia


The concentrations of Cadmium(Cd) and Nickel(Ni) in wilde fish from the Vardar river have been investigated in order to assess safety for consumers
and the level of heavy metal contamination. The selected tissues (muscle, liver and skin)of two fish species: Europian Chub (Squalius cephalus)
and Common barbel (Barbus barbus)from Vardar river stream, Republic of North Macedonia. Samples are collected(hooked) in nine different
points (Hot Spots) in total distance of 301km and approximate 33km between sampling sites. The effect environmental conditions and urban discharges
on lead accumulation in muscles, liver and skin were investigated. The metal analyses were performed using Inductively coupled plasma
mass spectrometry(ICPMS). The average of metal concentrations (micrograms per gram wet weight) in nine hot spots (HS) occurred in
the following ranges:For cadmium(Cd)HS-1:muscles 0.035-liver 0.050-skin 0.040, HS-2:muscles 0.040-liver 0.025-skin 0.020HS- 3:muscles0.020-liver
0.020-skin0.010,HS-4:muscles 0.025-liver 0.030-skin 0.010,HS-5:muscles 0.090- liver 0.073-skin 0.000,HS-6:muscles 0.016-liver0.160-skin 0.000,
HS-7:muscles 0.030-liver 0.050-skin 0.010,HS-8:muscles 0.041-liver 0.160-skin 0.010and HS-9:muscles 0.060.-liver 0.135-skin 0.010.For Nickel(Ni)
HS-1:muscles 0.55-liver 0.65-skin 1.05, HS-2:muscles 0.50-liver 0.90-skin 0.55HS- 3:muscles0.40-liver 0.20-skin0.20,HS-4:muscles 0.40-liver
4.10-skin 0.10,HS-5:muscles 1.04-liver 0.54- skin 0.00,HS-6:muscles 0.50-liver0.20-skin 0.00, HS-7:muscles 0.80-liver 1.50-skin 0,00,HS-8:muscles
0.60-liver 1.94-skin 0.00and HS-9:muscles 0.60-liver 2.20-skin-0.00 The lowest levels of the were detected in the skin. The muscles and liver were
found to accumulate the highest amounts of Cd and Ni in the case of organs, the highest levels were found, as follows: liver > muscles >skin.Further
investigation of heavy metals is recommended, including a survey of fish consumption frequency among the local inhabitants.

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